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Zarph launches a new range of payment equipment

Zarph’s new range of payment equipment – TP6X4 – is capable of accepting any payment method (cash, cards and mobile) and can be integrated with any billing software. It is suitable for any customer service environment, whether is attended or unattended.zarph_tp604

Zarph has just launched TP6X4, a set of three new payment equipment that answers the needs of companies looking to optimize the management of their payments. The Portuguese solution supports multiple payment methods (cash, cards and mobile) and can be integrated with any billing software or other platform. TP6X4 adapts to any customer service environment, according to the needs of each business area. Three basic environments were defined:

  1. In an attended environment where the employee performs all the operation on the equipment behind the counter;
  2. In an attended environment, but the employee does not interact at the moment of the transaction – The Client performs the payment transaction directly in the equipment;
  3. In an unattended environment, where the client is completely autonomous.

For any kind of business that manages payments

Managing payments can be a daunting task for businesses, whatever their size. For this reason, three equipment were developed, with different dimensions and technical characteristics that suit a diverse sort of business. From small to large retail (such as restaurants, coffee shops, hyper and mini markets, pharmacies, fishmongers / butchers, bakeries, Fast Food); to laundries, ticket offices, stationery, central services (payment of water bills, electricity, etc.), are some businesses that can benefit from this solution.

Solves several problems of everyday work
Problems such as cash differences, internal thefts, counterfeit notes and coins, and hygiene issues related to product contamination are things of the past. Manual tasks such as cash counting, reports, and period closing are mitigated, helping companies redirect their resources to tasks that machines cannot replace – supporting and engaging with your Customer.

An investment that saves money
The adoption of this payment technology reduces time per transaction, automatically calculates the necessary cash change and can integrate a value transport service, which reduces cash collection costs. Information about all events occurring on the devices is available in a web platform, which allows companies to remotely monitor and control cash and centralize all the information about the business.

According to António Oliveira, Zarph’s CEO, “Zarph’s new solution was developed to meet a market need, which required payment equipment with a good value for money. We want to offer to the market equipment produced in Portugal, of extreme quality in terms of mechanics and software, at a competitive price. This is a very important investment for Zarph, as we want, in the short to medium term, to position ourselves as leaders in the payments industry. ”

TP6X4 complements Zarph’s offer, which already has several cash management and payment equipment, with clients in the Banking, Health, Transportation, among others.

Lisbon, 7th August 2017

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