A aposta num novo site faz parte de uma estratégia de marketing focada no digital, procurando diferenciar-se com uma identidade visual mais forte e atual.
Zarph launch a new and improved website
28 February, 2017
Zarph launches a new range of payment equipment
8 August, 2017

Pedro Gordo leaves the leadership of Startup Zarph


The CEO and Co-founder of Zarph leaves the lead of the project and António Oliveira, CTO until then, assumes the global management of the Portuguese Technological.

After 3 years at the head of the Zarph project, Pedro Mourato Gordo leaves the chairmanship of the Portuguese Startup board, continuing as a shareholder member. Since April 1st, the CTO and board member, António Oliveira, has assumed the Presidency of the Board of Directors of Zarph, SA.

António Oliveira founded Zarph with Pedro Mourato Gordo in 2015 and has so far led the technology and operations department. For the responsible, “this is a moment of transition that will allow us to reflect and continue to thrive.”

For Pedro Mourato Gordo, “these were years of great dedication and commitment to the growth of the company and also a period of great learning. It is time to dedicate myself to other professional challenges and give more time to the family“.

Zarph and his team are grateful for all the years of dedication and trust that have made Zarph the successful project it is today. According to Pedro Mourato Gordo, “I wish Zarph the greatest success, and I thank all those who collaborated with me over the years.”

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