With Zarph’s Payment Systems don’t lose a single Customer. Simple, fast and safe payments with multiple and innovative payment methods.

Optimize cash control, reduce working hours, increase sales and introduce loyalty programs through the management of your own cards.

We design all kind of payment systems, such as Payment Kiosks, Oudoor Payment Terminal and Automated Payment Modules.

All our equipment has a autonomous system, accept multiple payments methods and allows all kind of cards: bank or loyalty.

In addition to a robust and secure hardware, we combine these equipments with a powerful Web Platform that manages all the information in real time.

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Increases payment security and automation of electromechanical pumps, which allow authentication and control of all information.


Enables greater mobility of Human Resources, which means a reduction in operating costs. Total availability (365/24×7)


It adapts to customer needs and is easily integrated into any management system.


Zarph’s payment solutions are designed for any point of sale, especially adapted for unattended environments, such as Retail, Public Transportation, Health, Public Administration, Hospitals, Financial Services, Shopping Centres, Universities, Hotels, Airports, Gas Stations, Train Stations.

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Offer your customers a new and improved shopping experience! Provide the latest and most innovative payment method – MB WAY.

MB WAY is the first interbank solution that allows immediate purchases and transfers, by simply associate bank cards with a mobile phone number and start making transactions in a simple, safe, convenient and quick way by smartphone or tablet.

As a SIBS Certified Partner, a Zarph has designed multiple solutions/equipment (Payment Kiosks, vending machines, POS, etc.) that can add this additional payment method.

MB Way is one of the most secure payment methods, a guarantee by SIBS. In addition, it has been designed to be easily integrated with any system, whether online or at the point of sale.

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