Soluções ZARPH na Colômbia
Zarph solutions in Colombia
21 July, 2016
Solução ZARPH equipa novo Hospital da CUF Viseu
Zarph`s cash management solution in Hospital Cuf Viseu Deposit`s equipment of notes and coins
12 August, 2016

MoneyConf in Madrid

ZARPH na capital da Fintech

ZARPH na capital da Fintech

CEO`s Zarph, Pedro Mourato Gordo, participated in MoneyConf, an event that tooked place in Madrid on 21th and 22th June, and joined more than 1500 world figures from several areas of the FinTech industry, including over 100 startups.

The meeting discussed the future of finance and how technology influences the financial world, provided an opportunity to establish contacts and professional development of the participants, who have access at contents on innovations, services and financial products, with important representatives of FinTech, as well as executives of the biggest institutions in the business.

CitiBank, MasterCard, Santander, Deutsche Bank (banks), McKinsey, NASDAQ, Kaspersky, Pay Pal (financial companies), Foundation Capital, Accel, Mosaic (investors) werw some of the many global organizations that analyzed the symbiosis between technology and finance together and in dialogue with leading companies in FinTech like Transferwise the Blockchain, Kabbage, iZettle, Dwolla, WorldRemit, among others.

Some of the the issues addressed were safety stand out on the Internet in banking transitions, capital markets, credit and digital commerce, financial, insurance, payments and transactions, legislation and retail banking.

The participation of Zarph as a technological enterprise and a FinTech startup aimed, in addition to disclosing its cash management solutions and payment system, establishing contacts with industry professionals, as well as learned new content and new ways of working and evolving in FinTech as an active actor in the business, to further develop its products and services to its customers and potential partners, “contributing to a better performance of the daily work of organizations, with the ultimate result of the development of real economy”, says Pedro Mourato Gordo, about the participation of Zarph in MoneyConf.

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