ZARPH - Uma nova era!
The g3p technologies is now Zarph.
6 August, 2010
José de Mello Saúde investe na gestão de tesouraria
José de Mello Saúde invests in Treasury Management
21 January, 2013

Zarph installs Payment Module on the Parking of Lisbon Airport.

ZARPH instala módulo de pagamento

The project developed in partnership with ANA Airports, Empark and Multifrota brought to all Lisbon airport parking customers the possibility to pay the service through bank card on the available payment kiosks.

The solution not only provides another mean of payment but also automates each transaction conferencing process by providing information of the fees costs of each card, which greatly increases the efficiency of the solution.

The equipment installed on the Parking of Lisbon Airport brings several benefits to ANA Airports including an increased security in payment, access to exact information about additions to the banking system through the report of the process’s fee, lower operating costs and consequently an increased end user satisfaction, winning a new form of payment.

This solution can be used in any public point of sale or payment kiosk and is especially suited for unattended environments such as Treasury and Public Administration, Hospitals, Restaurants, Financial Services, Shopping Centres, Universities, Hotels, Airports, Gas Stations, Train Stations and Car Parkings.

In addition, this solution has a web platform that enables real time information to all stakeholders, ensuring process’s efficiency and maximizing the solution’s profitability.


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