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Zarph`s cash management solution in Hospital Cuf Viseu Deposit`s equipment of notes and coins

Solução ZARPH equipa novo Hospital da CUF Viseu

Solução ZARPH equipa novo Hospital da CUF Viseu

Continuing the partnership with José de Mello Health Group, Zarph implemented a cash management equipment in the new healthcare unit CUF in the city of Viseu, opened on June 27th.

The solution has been prepared and installed according to the needs of the new group healthcare unit for cash deposit execution (notes and coins), and also checks on envelopes.

The cash management equipment model TD 404 (see link for more information) is a customized solution that manages information in real time and according to the internal process of the organization, like others systems already put into operation in other units of the group, with total security, resource flexibility and time savings in the finance department and all employees who are handling and cash flow management.

The solution was developed by Zarph`s team in order to promote the automation of cash management process through a web platform, designed to turn on and tune the health unit, value transport company and bank, which results in an improvement concrete operational performance of the whole process.

This solution can be used in various business areas such as public administration, hospitals, restaurants, financial services, shopping centers, universities, hotels, airports, gas stations, train stations and car parks.

“This equipment Zarph, like others, is an essential tool in helping the daily workflow of the team as it streamlines security deposit, processing and accounting integration of banknotes, coins and checks, through solution designed to the needs of this a healthcare facility, factors that allow us to ensure the highest quality of service to our customers”, emphasizes Miguel Noronha, member of José de Mello Group.

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