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1 September, 2016
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21 December, 2016

Zarph enters in Mozambique

ZARPH entra em Moçambique


Zarph announces the entry into Mozambique by implementing a cash management solution for Standard Bank.

Pedro Mourato Gordo, Zarph’s CEO, explained that to meet the particular needs of the Mozambican market, “we have adapted the equipment to climatic conditions of the country and modified some of the security procedures.”

The solution also includes a web platform integrated to the core system of the bank, which manages all information in real-time and involves all process stakeholders, from customers, to banks and value transport companies.

“By enabling greater automation in administrative tasks and control, this solution allows an overall costs reduction” said the CEO. “Our experience with other bank [ProCredit Bank German] in several European markets was crucial to close this deal” said Pedro Mourato Gordo.

In early March, Zarph entered in Colombia to provide cash management solutions for the German bank in that country. The solution was allocated to five agencies of the German bank in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital and largest city.

About the contract with Standard Bank, the bank “is open the possibility [of the Zarph] increase the amount of supplied equipment and eventually allocate this solution to other countries were the bank is present” added Pedro Mourato Gordo.

With more than 120 years, Standard Bank is the oldest commercial bank in Mozambique.


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