Solução ZARPH equipa novo Hospital da CUF Viseu
Zarph`s cash management solution in Hospital Cuf Viseu Deposit`s equipment of notes and coins
12 August, 2016
ZARPH entra em Moçambique
Zarph enters in Mozambique
1 September, 2016

Cash management equipment Zarph in Eastern Europe Notes and coins deposit devices

Equipamentos de Gestão de Tesouraria ZARPH conquistam europa de leste

Equipamentos de Gestão de Tesouraria ZARPH conquistam europa de leste

After entering in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo markets, Zarph implemented cash management equipment (notes and coins deposit devices) in Bosnia and Moldova, through the protocol already established with ProCredit Bank.

Creativity and technological knowledge of Zarph solutions, developed from scratch for the needs of its customers, allows the company to consolidated the development of the project, with banks operating in those countries and seeking equipment and efficient software, and secure flexible in order to improve their work processes, performance and financial results.

In each country it was added a notes storage device (TD412) and a coins deposit machine (TD403), a plot which allows each institution to have a customized solution that manages information in real time, according to each internal process operation, and it enables the operations 24 hours a day, without their customers need to go the branches.

The equipment developed by Zarph promote the automation of the cash management process through a web platform, designed to turn on and tune in organizations, from various sectors of activity, with the value transport company and banking institutions, which results in a concrete improvement of the operational performance of the process.

CEO Zarph, Pedro Mourato Gordo, underlines the importance of this operation “in a strategic market with great potential, with a growing demand for cash management solutions, able to monitor and automate the high circulation of money, and consequently the control and management processes the information in a centralized, hierarchical and in real time. ”

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