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3 June, 2016
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Zarph solutions in Colombia

Soluções ZARPH na Colômbia

Soluções ZARPH na Colômbia

Continuing the established business partnership with ProCredit Bank, Zarph implemented another cash management solution in the bank`s branch, in Colombia.

After Ecuador, the expansion of the company is growing in South America, now with the placement of notes deposits equipment TD 412, a customized solution that manages information in real time, according to the internal process of the german bank, in this situation, but could be customized for anoher organization.

It has been also installed equipment to deposit of currency TD 403, that allows the final client perform these operations 24/7, without having to inside the bank.

The equipment developed by Zarph promote the automation of cash management, process through a web platform designed to turn on and tune in organizations from various sectors of activity, value transport company and banking institutions, which results provides a real improvement of the operational process.

“The placement of a Zarph equipment in a ProCredit Bank`s branch in Colombia continues the consolidation of the partnership with the german bank, consolidates the effectiveness of our solutions, especially in a market with a great potential, and constitutes another challenge to our work and growth, which will soon see know new developments in this part of the World”.

Currentley, Colombia becomes the sixth export market for Zarph, under the partnership with ProCredit Bank, after Bulgaria, Greece, Ecuador, Kosovo and Macedonia.

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