ZARPH entra em Moçambique
Zarph enters in Mozambique
1 September, 2016
O negócio concretizado com a Brisa Inovação e Tecnologia conta com a produção eimplementação de 33 painéis de via no valor de 75 mil euros
Brisa renews confidence in Zarph with production of 33 track panels
28 February, 2017

Zarph provide 19 Automated Payment Modules to Empark Parking Lots

ZARPH instala módulos de pagamento em 19 parques da EMPARK

ZARPH instala módulos de pagamento em 19 parques da EMPARK

This solution, implemented in partnership with Resopark, offers a new payment method to its customers Zarph has just settled a business deal with Resopark, a company specialist in Mobility, to implement 21 Automated Payment Modules in 19 parking lots managed by Empark.

This investment not only provide a new payment method to Resopark’s customer, but brings several benefits do the company. The increase in payment security, added and accurate access to information on the amounts credited by the banking system through the processed commission report, as well as reducing operating costs and increasing end-customer satisfaction are some of the benefits of this solution.

According to Pedro Mourato Gordo, Zarph’s CEO, “the operation with Resopark confirms the value of our payment solutions and demonstrates an increasingly need by companies to provide new and improved payment methods, such as bank cards.

This is an extremely important project to Zarph, not only for its size, but because is a national business deal, where we also want to continue to grow.”

Our Automated Payment Modules, managed by Empark, will be available in 19 parking lots around the country: Avenida Carvalho Araújo – Vila Real, Alvalade XXI, Alexandre Herculano, Dom João I – Porto, Mercado da Ribeira, Baixa Chiado, Avenida de Berna, Campolide, Largo de Camões, Campo Mártires da Pátria, Palácio de Cristal – Porto, Praça dos Poveiros – Porto, Praça dos Restauradores, Avenida de Roma, Saldanha, Valbom, Marquês de Pombal, Campo de Ourique and Praça da Alameda – Portimão.


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